Exploring new smart paths to enhance consumer experience in beauty

I will have the opportunity to speak among these reknown expert on the next PCD Conference in New York. Here are some first thoughts about the discussion topic. If you are in New York please join us at The Altman Building & Metropolitan Pavilion

The beauty and skincare market is increasingly focusing on aestheticisation and premiumisation of the brand universe and the packaging. A trend that does not exclude low-cost ranges, quite the contrary, they are intensifying their creative efforts in the race for desirability. This blurring of codes has the risk of smoothing the market offer: everything seems so equal. The difference in value could be hidden in the quality of the relationship that brands will be able to build with their consumers. Local shopkeepers and crafters are nowaday idealized, providing a more authentic, human contact than those of standardized retailers. Between these two extremes, technologies have opened up new possibilities for an more individual, creative approach to the relationship while remaining within the framework of mass-market.

We have recently witnessed the launch of many new technologies implemented by brands: humanoid robots, augmented reality or apps to download. They renew the means of interaction with different consumer targets. But most important is to go beyond the simple wow effect of technology and build a lasting, meaningful relationship. Let’s consider what these new technologies can bring as tangible value to consumers.

A first axis of reflection revolves around optimization. A growing number of individuals want to be able to better manage their time, money, health, image, life… – social pressure is high, especially driven by social networks and aiming for excellence can be within everyone’s reach thanks to new technologies. Intelligent packaging can thus provide consumers with personalised indicators, thus facilitating the readability and control of a world that has become particularly complex. But be careful not to offer one more gadget. More than the technology or device to be implemented, it is the design of the experience that will determine the value: what information will be made available, when, by whom, how, through which interfaces. This intelligent packaging – consumer relationship can also include a merchant, salesperson or advisor intermediary, face-to-face or remotely, in order to humanize the customer experience while relying on shared data. The scenarios are infinite, with packaging as the main point of convergence!

While the usefulness of packaging is now being questioned, considering it mostly superfluous and pollutant, smart technology could be an opportunity to develop more value with less environmental impact. This rethought usage of packaging is not limited to the point of sale but also at the consumer’s home, office or while traveling. It should also have an impact on how we are designing, manufacturing, organizing logistics, anticipating recycling and waste in a much smarter way. In order du provide a connected packaging that is also meaningful and sustainable, an extended consumer experience is key!

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