Munich – Young Designers – works on flexibility


In our globally connected world flexibility is part of our reality. See below three brilliant ideas – my personal design favourites – of 308 participants of the 2014 contest for the Bavarian State Award Young Designers (Bayerischer Staatspreis für Nachwuchsdesigner).

This biennial Prize is awarded by the southern German region of Bavaria. Because design has been  identified as one of the key aspects in promoting industrial products,

the biennial prize that  the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs awards since 1987, a contest for rising young design stars.

Young Designer Bavarian State Award
Bavarian State Award Young Designers

KLAPPSTUHL – Folding Chair with armrests Klemens Grund, Free work

Constructed ground is sealed ground, taken away from the natural cycle of recreation.

One response is trying to keep constructions as flexible as possible, using only the space needed at the moment. Folding furniture – and in this case a comfortable folding chair with armrests are part of it.

"folding chair with armrests" Klemens Grund
« folding chair with armrests » Klemens Grund

„ON AIR – Pneumatic Cord – Fynn Freyschmidt, Universität der Künste Berlin

Munich´s summer transportation is quite eco – it´s the bicycle. Germans are safety lovers so many people use a bicycle helmet. But … it´s not handy nor really attractive to carry a helmet around, once you stepped down the bike. Fynn offers a pneumatic solution.

"On Air" - Fynn Freyschmidt
« On Air » – Fynn Freyschmidt

„EXTENDED LIGHT“ – Markus Bauer, Hochschule München

Another flexible solution: a modern, adjustable, energy saving light. Probably one of the best ideas for a a beside lamp – especially for book lovers. Technical details: it is equipped with a COB LED and a lens focusses the light additionally.

"Extended Light" Markus Bauer
« Extended Light » Markus Bauer

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