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End February the 4th edition of MCBW (Munich Creative Business Week) welcomed an international crowd of design and trend experts. This year´s motto „design connects. metropolitan ideas.“ focussing on smart cities offered 163 events (most of them sold out) including the well renowned „if Design Award“. Next year´s edition is going to take place from 20th to 26th February 2016 –

BMW tomorrows driving experience
BMW connected driving

BMW GROUP – Connected Drive

The companies slogan „Freude am Fahren“ -„driving pleasure“ is emblematic for the e-car efforts of the Munich based brand. It combines sustainability, internet connected services and the concept car does look like fun.

Pretty simple useful waste
Pretty simple useful waste

CO-FACTORY – Lisa Ochsenbein

presents an intelligent idea how to resolve the transport of dumped concrete rests how they occur during the building process. She suggests to pour the excess concrete into some moulds. The result: concrete bricks in different forms – pretty simple idea.

Gravelli - a concrete world
Gravelli – a concrete world

GRAVELLI – the name sounds Italian, but they are from Czechia. And they work with concrete. That might not sound exiting, but they do like the experimental: contest for students, very thin layers, in order to build an elegant table or even a frame or a wall piece of art.

Nurus - working in a nest
Nurus – working in a nest

The Turkish manufacturer NURUS (est.1927 in Ankara). offers a modern and elegant solution for turning open spaces into little productive islands: Pit Stop & Lounge. It´s a white cube technically well equipped with an elegant design. Table height can be changed, big screens and green walls included.

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